Welcome all to the new improved and much more interactive Nerk Aggrivate. After a year or two of blogging in the local paper, it’s time to exert a little independence with a somewhat purer form of the First Amendment than advertising dollars usually allow. We hope you enjoy the freedom of speech and only ask you conduct yourselves like reasonable adults. There will be a monitoring of content but only spam, threats, illegal activity or discriminatory remarks will be removed and the writer will be informed via email of the complaint. Any accusations of misconduct or bad behavior must be proven to the administrator to his satisfaction and intimidation is unacceptable. It’s our hope that this is yet another venue for citizens in the area to communicate with each other and address both common and individual issues.
Any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Editor’s note: We do know how to spell aggravate really, but many years ago before there was spell check Newark’s daily newspaper was notorious for misspelled words. Now it’s almost charming to think about, but then it was aggravating. Thus the affectionate name and a bit of tongue in cheek illiteracy.
We do not normally promote commercial products on this site, but this one has to be the best idea since sliced bread.
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